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I ran into an old friend at the mall last week, and she looked remarkable, having easily lost 30+ lbs since the last time I saw her. I asked her what she was doing (diet, exercise, etc), and she talked about TrimLife.com. I had never heard of TrimLife before, so I did some research on […]


FitDay has been a popular free online service for several years. Thousands of people sign into FitDay each day to enter their food and exercise logs, and track their diet progress. Now FitDay has taken their service one step further by offering a software version that you can install on your own PC. This new […]

BioTrainer Weight Loss System

The BioTrainer Weight Loss Systemâ„¢ uses the BioTrainerâ„¢ exercise monitor, a 1¼ oz. monitoring device worn on the waist that accurately measures calorie burn, as the catalyst to combine effective fitness and dietary programs for prolonged weight loss success. The National Institutes of Health states that proper diet, daily exercise, and caloric monitoring are the […]